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Mission Tower Quiet Seas Hemisfair Needle
Riverwalk Waterfall Riverwalk Lights Hibiscus
rondel rock pattern intricate wall
Stone Path Scobee Observatory Mission Espada
Chandelier Grackel Wrought Iron


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Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, I moved to San Antonio at an early age. Aside from my year at the University of Texas, it's the only city I can remember living in. I've always had an artistic eye, but aside from dabbling with cameras when I was younger, I hadn't explored my creative side until recently. After many years in the Healthcare industry, I am ready for a second career of creating and designing.

I am married to my lovely wife Sondra, without whom this journey would be much harder. We have two children, Brian and Erin, and six cats.


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Learning Experience

You may wonder what's been going on with me...

Bethlehem Lutheran Church - Quihi


Daniel Griego
Daniel Griego
Owner, Inner Kingdom Games
Peter Trudell has exceeded every expectation as art director for Inner Kingdom Games. His keen eye for talent and professional management skills have been invaluable in the success of our flagship product, the Shadowfist Dynamic Card Game. What impresses me most about Peter is his enthusiasm for growth, both as an artist and as a leader. He has demonstrated remarkable aptitude at taking on new challenges, from producing his own pieces of art for the company to assembling and coordinating an international team of dozens of artists for the company. Peter gets the job done with precision and quality.