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More Website Templates @ - August 11, 2014!


Bethlehem Lutheran Church

It's been an interesting five weeks.

Simply put, school started and I've been contracted to update the website for Inner Kingdom Games' site for Shadowfist (their Dynamic card game). I'm expanding my knowledge in many ways, pushing myself to be more creative in both web design, photography, and visual arts.

One of my big stumbling blocks is learning how to work with WordPress. It seems easy enough to build using their structure, but I want to do more than play with their simple styles to make a truly outstanding website. It's a whole new way of thinking, using a content management system (CMS).

I've picked up a new lens as well. This is an Opteka 500mm prime (5.8 fixed) mirror lens. It's a rather narrow focal range and more often than not requires a tripod to get anything good. I enjoy the blur effects and the ring-like bokeh. I ended up getting new glasses as my own focal issues were adding to the already complex focusing issues!

The attached image is of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Quihi, Texas.

Peter Trudell Jr.
Texas, Church, Photomanipulation
Sony Alpha 7
ISO 100, 28mm, f/5.0, 1/500s