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Blog: December 2015

Holiday light trails

The University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio) installs nearly a million lights in the trees on campus for the holiday season. This year, we took the opportunity to visit and view the display.

For this image, my camera was on a tripod and I gave it a quarter-turn to mimic star trails. I gave it enough time to show the static branches before turning.

This image shows the cyclical nature of time. The new year is upon us, keeping the memory of what we accomplished in mind, but the promise of new paths and goals in front of us. I'm not usually one to mark anniversaries of this sort, we grow day by day. This year has seen me take strides my degrees, but I limited myself artistically. With my focus on the more technical aspects, I let my creativity slip.

This new year, I look forward to expanding my creative range. I am taking a digital art course to take myself outside my comfort zone and push to do more. Tonight, I raise my glass to a promising year.

Peter Trudell Jr.
Christmas, Light, Time-lapse
Sony Alpha 7
ISO 3200, 28mm, f/20, 5.0 seconds
Zombie Dash Commercial

This is the final production done for my Digital Video class. The task was to create a commercial for a real product. This is a game I designed which was published through Inner Kingdom Games in 2011.

My group was composed of myself, Kyler Herrera, Daniel "Zac" Medina, and Joel Chavez. I provided general direction, acting, script and voiceover work as well as some camera direction. The footage was edited in AVID Media Composer with Kyler acting as lead editor.

Peter Trudell Jr.
Video Editing, Commercial, Graded Project
Sony EX1R
AVID Media Composer